3 Questions To Ask A Commercial Truck Towing Service When You Call For Help

Stranded on the highway is hard enough, but when you are stranded in a commercial truck, your woes become even bigger. You are faced with getting a major piece of business equipment to a safe and secure place, not to mention potentially a lot of merchandise if you are hauling a trailer full of goods. Reaching out to a commercial truck towing service for help is probably going to be your primary plan of action. Take a look at some of the questions to ask when you call for help after getting stranded in your commercial vehicle. 

What kind of towing equipment will be sent to pick up your vehicle?

There are several types of equipment used to tow commercial vehicles, and some of them do better than others with the largest ones. It is always a good idea to ask what the company will send out and make sure it will be right for towing your truck. 

Will the company also tow the trailer you are hauling?

Not every commercial truck towing company has the ability to haul a truck and a load that the truck was hauling. Therefore, it may be necessary for you to make other arrangements for a load to be picked up from your location if it is something that cannot be temporarily left behind. In some cases, the towing company will send out two haulers: one to tow your truck and one to tow the load. 

How far can the company take your vehicle?

If you need your vehicle towed a long distance, make sure you ask up front how far the company can tow you. Some companies have a limited range of distance they will tow a larger truck, but others are just as comfortable hauling a commercial truck great distances, even over state lines if they have to. Asking in advance will help ensure the company that comes to your aid can actually get your vehicle where it needs to be. 

Does the towing company offer insurance to protect your load?

If the company will agree to pick up your truck and your load, make sure if the company has insurance to protect your cargo while it is in their possession. Most big truck towing companies will because they understand how important it is for the cargo to be aptly protected. However, some smaller companies may not have big enough liability policies to cover what it is that you are hauling.