Remaining Safe When Breaking Down On A Desolate Road

If your vehicle runs out of gas while you are in a rural area on the road, you will most likely be concerned about your safety while waiting for assistance. There are several steps you can take to help maximize your safety when you are in a desolate area with a non-working vehicle. Here are some tips you can use to help keep your vehicle and yourself safe when waiting for a tow truck to arrive.

Get Your Vehicle As Far From The Road As Possible

When your vehicle starts chugging from the lack of gas in its tank, it is best to take precaution in getting it over to the shoulder area of the roadway immediately. This preparatory step will aid in getting your vehicle to a safe location to rest so it is not in the way of any oncoming traffic. If you see a turnoff area or parking lot in the vicinity, direct your vehicle toward it so you can get your vehicle off the road completely.

Use Your Lights To Alert Others Of Your Problem

It is best to alert other vehicles of your predicament so they will not drive too closely to your vehicle as they pass. If it is daytime, you can put on your emergency flashers so others see your vehicle is out of commission. If it is dark, however, it is best to refrain from using these lights. They may be perceived as being used because the vehicle is driving slowly, causing someone to hit the vehicle. Instead, open your truck or put on your interior light so other motorists become aware of the presence of your vehicle, helping them to move or slow down as a result.

Stay Inside Of Your Vehicle And Wait For Help To Arrive

Call a towing services company to come to your aid as soon as you realize your vehicle is out of commission. Remain inside of your locked vehicle and keep your windows cracked. If someone comes to your vehicle to see if you need assistance, tell them you had alerted authorities of your situation. This will be likely to result in them leaving the area.

If you were unable to reach a tow truck due to poor cell phone service or the lack of a phone, you can request the person call a service for you. Pretend not to be too concerned and let the person know the police will most likely call for a tow truck when they arrive (even if you were unable to contact the police). This way, the person may call for you to get help without indicating to them you are in a vulnerable position.