4 Reasons To Pull Over And Hire A Towing Service

As a driver, you should know when you need to pull your vehicle over for the safety of yourself and others you are sharing the road with and get a tow. There are quite a few reasons you may need to do this. Here are four reasons that many people aren't always sure how to handle properly:

  1. Flames: If there are any flames coming from any part of your vehicle, you need to pull over, which many people are aware of. However, the biggest mistake is people stay near or inside of their car, which is very dangerous. This is because you may be inhaling bad chemicals and there is even a chance that your car could explode. So when you pull over, you need to immediately make a safe distance between yourself and the car, call the police to put the flames out and assess the danger of the situation, and then call a towing service to ensure that your car can get to an auto mechanic safely to fix what might have caused the flames to spark. 
  2. Smoke: Smoke coming from your vehicle is also dangerous and you should pull over right away. This does not indicate that your car might blow up, so calling the police is not necessary. When you pull over, though, you need to turn off the engine since this is likely the cause of the smoke because the engine creates heat. Call a towing service to get your car safely to an auto mechanic. 
  3. Problems With Steering: If you are having problems controlling the steering of your vehicle, you need to pull over. You don't want to put yourself in danger if you have to make any sudden turns that you cannot control. Instead, pull over, call a towing service, and get the problem resolved. It could be something minor, such as improper wheel balance, or something major, such as a tire that is about to fall off. 
  4.  Temperature or Oil Light Turns On: If the temperature or oil light turns on, then you need to pull over and have your car towed to a mechanic to resolve the issue. If the oil pressure is lost, the engine will stall fairly quickly, which you want to avoid. If the engine is overheating, this is also a problem that is especially dangerous, and if you continue to drive your car, it can result in you paying a great deal of money for repairs. 

When you know the four reasons to pull over and how to handle the situation properly, you can be sure that you hire a towing service at the right times for your safety and the safety of others around you.