How to Buy a Classic Car Located in New Jersey When You Live in Brooklyn

If you are in the market for a classic car, you understand that getting a classic car is more difficult than buying a new or regular used car. For one thing, you are most likely going to be buying from another collector. While there are classic-car dealerships, a great many people end up buying person to person. This poses a very unique set of logistical problems concerning viewing the car and transporting the vehicle. However, the problem is easy to solve as long as you plan ahead. So here is what you need to do.

Beyond Photos: Get a Video Tour Before You Trek Out

Photos can be deceptive, so you will want to ask the seller to take a video of the car. If they balk at this, then move on. A motivated seller who is proud of their classic car will take a small video with their smartphone and send it to you. This way you can get a better view of the car. Oftentimes imperfections can be hidden by creative camerawork. This is deceptive, but it is also a time waster. If you have to drive all the way to New Jersey to go see the car, you don't want to see a big dent, or a burnt engine casing as soon as you look at the car.

Contact a Local Mechanic to Have the Car Checked Out

Once you are serious about the car, go online and look up a mechanic that is located near the seller and arrange for them to inspect the car. When you are dealing with a person-to-person sale, you don't want to have to rely on your own judgement. The mechanic will do a thorough check of the car (brakes, transmission, suspension) and see whether there are any major problems you should be aware of.

Arrange for Flatbed Towing

Once you have purchased the car, you need to get it back to your place in Brooklyn. While you might think of getting a friend to drive the car, this can be risky. If the car is a classic car, it is likely to have stick shifting. You might not know someone who can drive stick. So, you might drive it, but remember the car will have to drive through heavy traffic (the GW bridge, or the Tunnel) and it's a classic car, so it might not be in great shape for a stop-and-go traffic jam.

A better solution is to just hire a tow company to drive over to New Jersey and load the car up onto the flatbed and bring it into Brooklyn. A flatbed is a preferable means of towing because the car is raised above the road, so you don't have to worry about any of the potholes on the NJ Turnpike.

Talk to a company such as Naylor  Towing to get started.