7 Things You Must Have In Your Car Before A Winter Road Trip

Road trips can be some of the most memorable ways to pass the time, whether it is a trip across state lines or just a long drive to see what you can find. However, in the winter when the weather is more unpredictable and roadway conditions can change at the drop of a hat, you have to be well prepared before setting off on an adventure.

You never know when a road trip could include some down time in the winter, either, because the roadway conditions get bad or you have car problems. Here are seven things you should make sure you have in your car before you set off on a road trip in the middle of winter. 

1. Blankets - If you are stranded on the road in the cold, eventually, you will run out of gas and have no heat. Make sure you bring along either emergency blankets (which are easy to store because they fold away in a small pouch) or real blankets for each one of your passengers. 

2. Candles and a Lighter - In the event that you have no heat in your car, candles can be enough to provide a little warmth in the small space—at least enough to keep your fingers from getting too cold. Look for a few unscented jar candles with lead-free wicks. 

3. Water - Water is a valuable resource to have if you are a stranded driver, whether it is cold or hot. You may be left waiting for help for several hours if the roadway conditions are so bad that there are several drivers who need help. So keep several bottles of water tucked away in the trunk just in case. 

4. High Protein Snacks - Staying energized helps to keep your blood moving so you can stay warmer, and energy comes from food. Grab a box of protein bars or even a jar of natural peanut butter and some crackers to keep with you in the car. 

5. A Battery-Operated Radio - Keeping tabs on the weather and local news is important as a stranded motorist. If your car battery is dead, having a battery-powered radio on hand will help keep you informed about what is going on around you. 

6. Flashlight - Keep a good LED flashlight on hand in case you need to signal for help or remain visible once it gets dark. 

7. Hand Warmers - Hand warmers are activated only after opening the package and can be tucked in your pockets or even your socks to help you stay warm. It is a good idea to invest in several packages of these handy winter items to keep in your trunk.

If you're stranded and need help, companies like Darryll's Towing may be able to help.